10th June 2018
@ Sydney Dragway

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Sydney Entrants

Show and Shine

Judging will take place from 10 am to 3pm. Cars must be there between these hours.

Show and Shine Trophys & Prizes

(each winner gets Trophy & gift pack)

  • King of the Show
  • Best Holden, Ford, Chevy, Rod, Judges choice
  • Best Paint
  • Best Original Paint
  • Best Graphics
  • Best Engine Bay
  • Best Interior
  • Best Original Car
  • Best Engineered
  • Best 2 Door
  • Best 4 Door
  • Best Ute
  • Best Display
  • Best Club Display
  • Promoters Choice




Burnout Rules and Regulations

Please read All instructions carefully

Burnout Rules And Regulations

  • Vehicle must be fitted with a radiator overflow or water catch bottle.
  • Vehicles must pass scrutineering.
  • No wheel weights allowed.
  • Long sleeve shirt, long pants enclosed shoes.
  • Approved helmet.
  • Zero Blood Alcohol level.
  • Your burnout will be judged for upto 2 minutes if you go beyond you may be flagged to stop and exit the pad.
  • You DO NOT need to do a 2 minute burnout, you have 2 minutes to complete your burnout and will only be judged for that two minutes.
  • All tyres are to be taken away by entrant.
  • Battery must be clamped.
  • Tail shaft loop must be fitted.
  • Fire suits are recommended.


This competition is a single burnout format, then a top 20 will be picked to battle it out. If time permits we will have an expression session at the end of the judged burnouts.

  • Instant smoke
  • Continuous smoke
  • Driver control
  • Pop Tyres
  • Must drive off


There are no deductions for fires and sparks. However if you stop or are stopped your score will reflect that. Please note if you are black flagged and you ignore it you will be disqualified. Our safety and your safety are paramount.

Class Identification

  • Blown
  • V8
  • 4/6/Rotary

Each class will be capped so it is FIRST IN BEST DRESSED

** Scrutineer will have final say on class **



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